Organic Germanium

Element name Ge-132
Atomic weight 72.61
Element type germanium componds
Physical traits white powder
Product purity 3N,4N
Product specifications 100mesh
Product Description

Basic information:

1.Purity: 99.99% 4n organic germanium powder ge-132  

2. CAS No.: 27031-31-8

3. Usage: For health care products,medicine and cosmetics,etc;



Organic Germanium is white powder, tasteless, not soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, soluble in alkali; its maximum solubility in water is 10.8g/L,PH of saturated aqueous solution=2.5~2.6; chemical name: carboxylethyl germanium sesquioxide; molecular formula:(CH2CH2COOHGe)2O3.



 For health care products, medicine and cosmetics, etc

1.To enhance the body’s immunity; 2.To regulate blood pressure,lipids.blood sugar,and other physiological functions;

3.Extensive treatment of cancer;


5.Health care;

6.Obvious anti-aging effectiveness;

7.The effectiveness of cosmetic.



Impurities in ppm  

Detect items Standard Value Detect Result Detect method
Ge-132 Min 99.99 99.995 KIO3 Volumetric Titration
GeO2 Max 0.004 0.00032 Hidride Spectrophotomitry
PH 2.5-2.6 2.6  
Pb(mg/kg) Max 0.5 0.04 Graphite Furnece Absorption
Cu(mg/kg) Max 1 <0.02  
As(mg/kg) Max 0.5 <0.001 Atomic  Fuorescence
Hg(mg/kg) Max 0.1 0.003  
Cl(mg/kg)  Max 50 16  
P(mg/kg)  Max 10 5.1  


Packaging & Shipping


 Generally vacuum packed in 1 kg/bag or bottle, also could do according to customer request. 



Usually, it takes 3-15 working days after order confirmation according to different quantity and requirement.

It can be shipped by air,by sea,or by Courier such as: Fedex, DHL,UPS,EMS Taiwan Express etc.

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